Friday, July 08, 2005

The Evil That Hit London

First of all, The Shadow wishes to offer his condolences to the families of those who died in the senseless bombing of London's subway system on Thursday.

I am a man of darkness. I travel the darkness. I welcome the darkness. But The Shadow is not evil.

However, there are certain others who also travel the darkness who are evil. It is these people that caused the massacre in London yesterday.

The Shadow is not a supporter of terrorism, in any form. While I have never been in favor of the current war in Iraq, The Shadow is convinced that there are more peaceful ways to protest the way. The killing of innocent people does not work.

These terrorists are cowards. A group has supposedly claimed responsibility, but local officials do not know as of yet if this was actually the group that did this. But it does not matter to The Shadow. I call upon you to come out now, and show yourselves. The fact that you do this "in the name of God" does not sit well with me. If that is the case, you are worshipping the wrong god.

While I am on the subject, let me point out that this entry is not an attack on Islam, nor of those who are followers of this religion. The Shadow knows personally many followers of this religion and does not blame them for what happened. The Shadow urges all to show restraint against those of the Islamic faith -- it is only a very small percentage who are doing this. The majority of Muslims do not support this type of terrorism.

And to the governments of the world -- The Shadow says to not bow to nor negotiate with terrorists. Do not give them the upper hand.

As for the rest of us -- go on with your lives. Once we have stopped, the terrorists have won.


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