Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Shadow Has Mixed Messages

ARTWorkSF's First Thursday for the month of April was fantastic body of work and appropriately titled "Mixed Messages".

An interesting view of the Golden Gate Bridge at the exhibit

Artists at this show included the following:

  • Steven Haas
  • Simon Dye
  • Karen Gutfreund
  • Shawna Scarpitti
  • Taiko Fujimura
  • Alan Mazzetti
  • Ann Sims
  • Rosalie Anelli Yerby
  • Michael Azgour
  • Les Phillips
  • AnneKarin Glass
  • James Walsh
  • Scott Wyman

This show was titled thus because all works shown here used more than one type of media. The above artists have quite a knack for putting these media together to come up with spectacular work.

Another work from the exhibit

Curator Matt McKinley describes the show as thus:

Creating new relationships between previously unrelated materials and objects allows materials insouciant in their first "life" to become "extroverted" through intentional reinterpretation. The visual texture found in mixed media, assemblage and collage creations becomes a metaphor for the "conversation" between component parts of a work. Because we process three dimensional objects as part of our environment we can potentially interact with, mixed media works that incorporate physical versus rendered objects manipulate the association of volume with physical presence in order to focus one's attention on particular details. By skillfully directing our gaze around highlighted details, mixed media artists "ask" open-ended questions about an object's raison d'etre by creating new realities.

Artist Alan Mazzetti with one of his works

This exhibit just closed, but if you are interested in any of the works that were shown there, you can contact ARTWorkSF Gallery directly.

For more pictures from the reception, click here.


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