Monday, April 28, 2008

The Shadow at SOMA Artists Gallery

After leaving GarageGallery, The Shadow went to see his friends at SOMA Artists Gallery as he completed his tour of SOMA Spring Open Studios.

One of the works at the gallery

Artists in residence in this gallery are:
  • Louis Bording
  • Barbaralynn Brodsky
  • David Bryant
  • Trudy Evard Chiddix
  • Flora Davis
  • Renee Eaton
  • Faye Eisenberg
  • Nancy Ewart
  • John Fitzsimmons
  • Kat Flynn
  • Keiko Fujimoto
  • Jeremy Garza
  • Tama Greenberg
  • Jana Grover
  • Kate Handwerger
  • Mark Harris
  • Rebecca Kerlin
  • Mike Kimball
  • Lois Llewellyn
  • Cynthia Lubarsky
  • Margaretha Miglo
  • Sheila Nichols
  • Nanci Price Scoular
  • Suzanne Radcliffe
  • Linda Sanders Colnett
  • Anne Subercaseaux
  • Deloris Thomas
  • William Ulrich
  • Melissa Wagner

Artists Mark Harris (top) and Keiko Fujimoto (bottom) were among the artists available during Open Studios

This is one of the studios that The Shadow enjoys visiting each open studios, and the work that is there never fails to impress him.

More works of various media by participating artists

The Shadow wishes to thank all of the artists at GarageGallery, SOMA Artists Studios, East Side Editions and 210 Studios for welcoming The Shadow during Open Studios and we look forward to seeing all of you again in October.

More pics are available here.


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