Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Shadow View The Authentic Self

ARTWorkSF tried an experiment that The Shadow thinks worked very well, although it required The Shadow to go through a little physical activity. ARTWorkSF held its first "Art Walk" on April 11, 2007 which included the Mixed Messages show described below. The other two shows we will deal with separately.

The first show that The Shadow visited during this Art Walk was the opening reception for "The Authentic Self".

One of the works from the exhibit

Artists showing at this exhibit are:

  • R.E. Roberts
  • Christiane Tsouo-Harvey
  • Pauline Crowther Scott
  • Nick Wightman
  • AnneKarin Glass
  • Maja-Yvette Saphir
  • Blake Tucker
  • Robert Bradshaw
  • Barbara Elliott
  • Anahid
  • Heather Hanan
  • Shawna Marie Scarpitti
  • Genea Barnes
  • Will Bullas
  • Fong Fai

Another work from the exhibit

The curators for this exhibit are Nick Wightman and Matt McKinley. Their commentary on this exhibit is thus:

Through literal or abstract rendering, the artist's challenge in portraiture is to capture something unique in their subject; an expression, facial features, body posture, or overall energy that makes them distinct and recognizable. A portrait captures a moment in time, a particular mood, a seasoned life, or even an exciting future yet to come. Regardless of how the artist chooses to depict their subject, their strokes and snapshots celebrate the uniqueness of being an individual.

Some portraits break from tradition and de-emphasize individuality by blending the figure into a mass of faces. Others depict a person or group of people basking in the center of attention. The portrait can be a window into the psyche, expressing a rich collage of inner selves that have their own personalities. These many layers cause us to look twice catching something more with each glance.

A unique self-portrait showing at the exhibit

This exhibit will be showing at the Hotel Triton, 342 Grant Street, in San Francisco, in their Mezzanine Gallery. The exhibit is open 24/7 through May 2, 2007.

The Shadow would also like to point out that a percentage of proceeds from the sale of work at this exhibit will benefit the San Francisco Artists Resource Center.

More pictures from the exhibit are available here.


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