Sunday, January 21, 2007

"Let's Go" -- A New Exhibit

On January 17, 2007, The Shadow had the opportunity to once again visit his friends at ARTWorkSF at another art exhibit.

Boatworks by artist Rosalie Anelli Yerby

This show is the opening show for 2007 at the recenty rennovated Hotel Triton in downtown San Francisco. Artists in this show includes:

  • Ben Dominguez
  • Tom Schwabenlander
  • Lois Llewellyn
  • Joe Sobiesiak
  • Imelda Picherit
  • Jo Farrell
  • Rosalie Anelli Yerby
  • Ethel Jiminez
  • Molanda Chiang
  • Charlotte Kay
  • Will Bullas

Bicycle in Sheeps Clothing by photographer Jo Farrell

In the words of Curator Matt McKinley:

How we get from here to there: Planes, trains, automobiles, motorcycles this energetic show depicts all our modes of transportation. Our desire to travel and explore is bolstered by the options we have for transport. This show, which includes painting and photography, is a salute to the multitude of machines that geive us freedom to roam!

This show, as The Shadow mentioned earlier, will be at the Hotel Triton, 342 Grant Street (at Bush Street) in San Francisco through February 7, 2007. The exhibit is available for viewing 24 hours a day.

The Shadow with artist Charlotte Kay at the Reception

More pictures from the reception can be found here.


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