Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Shadow Attends SOMA Open Studios

Open Studio Season has begun in the San Francisco Bay Area!

On April 27, 2007, The Shadow visited the studios of the SOMA Artists Studios for their open studios reception. (For those of you outside the Bay Area, SOMA stands for South of Market Street). The Shadow attended the Open Studios at the invitation of artist Mark Harris.

Artist Mark Harris with one of his works at the SOMA Open Studios Reception

The participating artists at the Open Studios were:

  • Jessica Allee
  • Louis Bording
  • Flora Davis
  • Renee Eaton
  • Faye Eisenberg
  • Trudy Evard Chiddix
  • Nancy Ewart
  • John Fitzsimmons
  • Kat Flyn
  • Wendy Fountain
  • Keiko Jujimoto
  • Jeremy Garza
  • Tama Greenberg
  • Jana Grover
  • Mark Harris
  • Carolyn Hinman
  • Martine Jardel
  • Rebecca Kerlin
  • Bodhanna Kesela
  • Wago Kreider
  • Nora Kruys
  • Laurielu
  • Lois Llewellyn
  • Cynthia Lubarsky
  • Jersey McDermott
  • Margaretha Miglo
  • Shelia Nichols
  • Elise Odom
  • Nanci Price Scoular
  • Suzanne Radcliff
  • Scott Rankin
  • Lillian Rubin
  • Linda Sanders Colnett
  • Anne Subercaseaux
  • Doloris Thomas
  • William Ulrich
  • Hye Seong Yoon

Artist Jana Grover with one of her paintings at the reception in her studio

This open studios event allowed The Shadow to preview new art and meet new artists in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was a well attended event with tons of wine and food and tons more artwork for sale.

Artist Scott Rankin with one of his works in his studio at the Open Studios

Unfortunately, this event has now ended but they will hold another open studio event in October. Many of the artists who were showing at the event has given The Shadow their contact information and you will find their websites listed under the Art Gallerys and Artists Link on the main page of this blog.

The Shadow also wishes to thank the artists at SOMA Artists Studios for their welcome and hospitality.

More pictures from the reception can be found here.


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