Monday, October 22, 2007

The Shadow Begins Open Studios Week 3

When this blog was started 2 1/2 years ago, The Shadow mentioned that he would be going to reveal the dark side of art and culture in San Francisco. This weekend The Shadow did just that.

On Friday, October 19, 2007, The Shadow, at the invitation of artist Elisa Harms, went to visit several artists at three galleries located at 2111 Mission Street, in the Mission District of San Francisco -- this was one of the areas being covered during Open Studio this past weekend.

Artist Elisa Harms in her studio

The three studios The Shadow visited were: Project Three, Suite 401, and Blue Studio. The artists The Shadow visited that night in each of these studios were:

  • Sidnea D'Amico
  • Matthew Frederick
  • Blair Bradshaw
  • Marie Bourget
  • Liz Hickok
  • Randall Heath
  • Julia turner
  • Elisa Harms
  • Ashlee Ferlito
  • Christina Mazza
  • Alison Tungseth
  • Kath Nichols
  • Chad Xavier
  • Marisa Vela
  • Natalie Luney
  • Katie Gray
  • Ellen Rosenthal
  • Eric Ryan
  • Denise Laws
  • Eric Saxby
  • Natasha Mitchell
  • Robert Donald

One of the works shown Friday night

Unfortunately, because of a prior commitment, The Shadow could not spend as much time here as he should have. But he did enjoy his time here.

More work on display Friday night

The Shadow would encourage you to visit the galleries at 2111 Mission Street. It is located on the corner of Mission and 17th Street, 4th Floor.

For more pictures from The Shadow's visit, click here.


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