Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Shadow Does East Meets West

The Shadow made his monthly visit to the ARTWorkSF Gallery in Union Square for their monthly First Thursday exhibit. Within the gallery were two shows: a solo show and a group show.

The solo show, in Gallery One, is from artist Wendy Robushi and is entitled "8 to 108: Symbols Sacred & Auspicious".

Two works from Wendy Robushi on display at the gallery

In Gallery 2 & 3 was the main group show entitled "East Meets West: Eastern Influence on Western Art and Culture".

One of the works at the exhibit

Featured artists in this exhibit are:
  • Elizabeth Starr
  • Jeung Kang
  • Marius Starkey
  • Jennifer Morris
  • MB Stephens
  • Carol Van Zandt
  • Cynthia Tom
  • Janet Allinger
  • Judy Johnson-Williams
  • Wendy Robushi
  • Lisa Feather Knee
  • Maurice Edelstein
  • Robert Reed
  • John Edwards
  • Cheryl Cruz
  • Fong Fai
  • Natasha Dikareva
  • Grayson Yeager Malone
  • Mi Jung Penzien
  • Molanda Caiang
  • Karol Jersak
  • Peter Collins
  • Cheryl McDonald
Curators for this show was Jennifer Morris (who The Shadow was excited to see again) and Matt McKinley.

Jennifer Morris (left with scarf) returns to ARTWorkSF as Guest Curator for this exhibit

In the coffee table book that accompanies this exhibit (more on this in a moment), Jennifer recounted how Western art is influence by Eastern culture. The Shadow would note that she really hit the nail on the head with this exhibit -- you can definitely see it in each of the forms of media in this exhibit.

More works from the exhibit

Also featured at this exhibit was a video by artist Tim Roseborough entitled "Neon Garden". It is a video of quickly moving images very pleasing to the eye -- the photos below really do not do justice to the video -- you would have to see it in person.

Scenes from "Neon Garden" by Tim Roseborough

ARTWorkSF has also produced a coffee table book of this exhibit which gives samples of each participating artists work in the exhibit along with an artists statement. If you would like to purchase the book, contact the gallery at 415-673-3080.

The coffee table book of the exhibit on display

All of the exhibits will be on display at the ARTWorkSF Gallery, 49 Geary Street, Suite 249, in San Francisco through December 3, 2007. Viewing hours are 10:30 a.m. to 5:50 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. As always, all work contained in this exhibit are available for sale or rental.

Views of patrons at the ARTWorkSF reception

More pictures from the reception are available here.


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