Thursday, August 04, 2005

What Is An Artist's Source and Inspiration?

As regular readers of this blog knows, The Shadow has a very dark nature and looks for things in the darker side of life. However, he does get to legitimate events from time to time, the previous night not being an exception.

On August 3, 2005, ARTworkSF held an opening for their latest show, entitled "Source & Inspiration: Why artists do what they do". The artists that showed that night were: Sylvia Buettner, Holly Calica, Sherri Cavan, Maurice Edelstein, AnneKarin Glass, Heather Hanan, Diane Holland, Muffin Hyche, Thomas Hyman, Mike Kendall, Pat Koenigsberg, Lisette Lugo, Jennifer Mack, Judith Miller, Pauline Crowther Scott, Deborah Tash, and John Wilson.

Black Madonna by Heather Hanan

The Shadow, a patron of the arts in San Francisco, was not disappointed by this show last night, expertly curated by Matt McKinley. And, of course, many of the artists were willing to discuss their works with The Shadow:

Artist Deborah Tash with one of her works: Shadow Mask I

Artist Heather Hanan with The Shadow

Even the boots Heather wore were a work of art!

This exhibit will run through October 15, 2005 at Polarity Point Productions, 69 Green Street, in San Francisco. The Shadow will mention as well that all of the artwork in this exhibit is available for sale or rental for a three-month period (with rental fees as low as $25 for some of the work).

Rasta Man by John Wilson

For more information on ARTworkSF, click here.

To view other pictures from the Opening Reception, click here.


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