Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Shadow Views Forward Thinking

The Shadow spent a little time with ARTWorkSF on November 14th to review their new exhibit "Forward Thinking".

One of the works from the show

  • Omar Barba
  • Danyol
  • Lisa Levine
  • Jacqueline Paull
  • Les Phillips
  • Erica Rosetto
  • James Eugene Albert
  • Elizabeth Starr
  • Judy Johnson-Williams
  • David Quinley
  • Samantha Tello

Artist Danyol with friend in front of one of his works

Works in this show did not use the usual media that The Shadow usually brings to you. This show gives new meaning to the words "mixed media".

In the words of Matt McKinkey, Chief Curator, this exhibit is :
An all media exhibit focused on artists exploring new techniques material usage. Rather than declaring "Painting is Dead!", the impetus of the innovative artist is to continue to expand the capabilities of what their chosen materials can do by incorporating new techniques in applications, consistency, combination with other materials or, for the technologically inclined, exploring the capabilities of computer programs and applications. This exhibit is for today's vanguards of artist innovation!

Top: Scene from the reception
Bottom: Sculpture from artist Elizabeth Starr

This exhibit will be showing at Polarity Post Productions, 69 Green Street, in San Francisco. Viewing hours are Monday-Friday from 9 to 5. This exhibit will be showing through January 12, 2008. As always, all works at the exhibit are available for sale or three-month rental.

Another work on display at the exhibit

More pictures from the reception are available here.


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