Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Voodoo Cabaret Is Back

The Shadow recently received the following communication from Voodoo Cabaret:

Who: The Voodoo Cabaret
When: March 1, 2008 and Every First Saturday After
Where: El Rincon, 2700 16th Street @ Harrison Street
Phone: 415-437-9240

Sultry, Soulful First Saturdays with the Voodoo Cabaret

Voodoo Cabaret hosts a Ritualistic, Shamanistic Dance Party with live World Band, Belly Dancers, Mermaids and Chanteuse celebrating the African Spiritual Tradition.

Come experience the synergistic musical expression of West African drums, percussion, bass, keyboard and voice with exotic dancers. A truly fun time!!!

This performance of the Voodoo Cabaret will be featured in a documentary to be presented at the Cannes Film Festival by La Hitz Media, a distributor of African Diaspora films.

The Ensemble:
Mohammed Kouyate
Anita Lalwani
Micah Patri
Edgar San Gabriel
Gisela Tangui
George The Wizard
Lady M

Anita Lalwani and Gisela Tangui of Voodoo Cabaret

The Shadow will see you there!


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